There are often misconceptions that teachers make "no money!!" While it is true that careers in education will not provide comparable salaries to Corporate America, many find teacher salaries to be much higher than they expected! An entry level credentialed teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District can expect to start out making over approx. $50,000! Should you opt to participate in extra incentive earning activities including: teaching summer school, coaching a sport or academic team, tutoring, etc, it is possible to make between $55,000 and $60,000 in your 1st year! With experience and advanced degrees (such as a Masters in Education), your salary will continue to grow. Should you also continue extra incentive earning activities such as becoming a Mentor Teacher or a Department Chair, it is very possible to be making between $80,000-$100,000 a year. 

After several years of teaching, many students opt to enter Educational Administration or Educational Policy. Salaries in these areas can exceed $100,000.

Salaries will vary based on location, school district, educational level and years of service. The below links will provide you salary charts for teachers in various school districts around California.

Cupertino Union School District

Los Angeles Unified School District

Pleasanton Unified School District (scroll to bottom of page)

Bakersfield City School District


For detailed information on salaries, one possible source is: You will find it an excellent resource for the following information:

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