Cal Teach Math - Elementary School

Pedagogical Content Preparation: The Math 74XP Seminar

Math 74XP [previously Math 74SL, 71SL] is a 3-unit seminar course designed to expose students to current issues in elementary mathematics education. Students will learn pedagogical strategies for teaching elementary mathematics and examine the elementary mathematics curriculum from a pedagogical perspective. Students will complete readings of relevant mathematics education research as well.

Field Experience: Observations in an Elementary School

Students will observe and help out with mathematics teaching in a local elementary school during the quarter in which they take Math 74XP. Students will keep field notes of their observations and discuss them in the Math 74XP seminar. Students also record their observations in the CalTeach Portal, an online system. The field experience requirement is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours per week; 20 hours total during the quarter.

Content Preparation:

Students should be making regular progress toward a STEM major (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Other majors are welcome to apply and your eligibility is based on the amount of math classes you have completed.

You may only take Math 74XP (formerly 74SL) one time. You may not take Math 74XP if you have already taken Math 71SL.

This course is open to students regardless of class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior).

How to Apply?

You need to fill out a short online application in order to receive permission to enroll in the seminar though MyUCLA. Once accepted into the seminar,  we will send you a PTE number that will enable you to enroll in the course.

In our main menu, go to "Apply" and choose "Online Applications" from the drop down menu. In "Online Applications" page, select link for the quarter and course of interest.

Note that you will need to provide proof of negative TB status prior to visiting a school in person (read more about TB requirements). Currently, this requirement does not apply since all school visits are online due to COVID.

You must be in good academic standing to enroll in a course as pass/ no pass - see UCLA Academic Regulations.

Please contact the Cal Teach staff  at with any questions.