UCLA’s Cal Teach program offers a summer internship for math, science and engineering majors (UCLA undergraduate students) who want to continue their exploration of teaching as a career. Through this paid ($450) internship, students will get first-hand experience in a middle or high school classroom and work closely with a mentor teacher. One exciting component of this internship is that we partner with UCLA alumni who are teaching throughout Los Angeles. Most of our partner schools are located in Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Hawthorne and Lawndale (exact locations vary by year). This will be an opportunity to witness and experience, first hand, urban education in high-need schools.

The summer internship is one week in duration and is planned for the week preceding the first week of UCLA Fall Quarter classes (September 16-20, 2024). There is a one and half hour follow-up meeting on Wednesday, September 25, from 1:00-2:30 p.m.. The first day of classes for Fall 2024 is Thursday, September 26, 2024, so there is no overlap with Fall Quarter classes.



Cal Teach Noyce Summer Internship -- Dates for Summer 2024

September 16-20, 2024

School visits will be in-person.

There will be an online Orientation on Sunday, September 15, from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.. The internship at the schools will be a full day (~6-7 hours per day), each day, on Monday through Friday, for a total of at least 24 hours at the school. Schools generally are open roughly within the range of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with exact times varying by school. Some schools will have a pupil-free day during the week, with the day varying by school; thus, you will attend four out of five days during the week, but you must be available for all five days until school assignments are made.


You must be an undergraduate student at UCLA.

Previous participation in at least one of the Cal Teach seminars is strongly preferred (i.e. having already taken at least one course from the following list: Science Education 1XP, 10XP, 15XP, 100XP; Math 73XP, 74XP, 75XP; or Math 105 A, B, C). Priority consideration is also provided for those who have participated in the Learning Assistant program.

You must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, or AB540 student. International students (F-1) are not eligible.

TB test taken within 60 days of starting the internship showing that your are free of active TB may be required.

You must be intending to enroll at UCLA as an undergraduate for Fall 2024 Quarter. You cannot have already graduated from UCLA. Graduate students (or students enrolling as graduate students in Fall 2024) are not eligible.

To apply:

Go to Application for Summer 2024

Application deadline for Summer 2024: June 19, 2024.

Late applications will be accepted until all spots are full. Please contact cateach@chem.ucla.edu with your intent to submit a late application.


**Misrepresenting your information on the application (e.g. your current major, current minor, Cal Teach courses taken, etc) could result in dismissal from the internship and/or rescinding of payment in full.

Additional Information:

You will be awarded the $450 as a scholarship during Fall Quarter through the Financial Aid Office, subject to constraints imposed by financial aid. Please note that this scholarship payment may reduce your loans or other scholarships, depending upon your circumstances. Unfortunately, we cannot make payment through any other process to avoid these financial aid constraints.

*You must be enrolled as an undergraduate during the Fall Quarter in order to pay you.

We do not provide housing, nor do we cover costs of housing.

We will arrange carpooling from UCLA or near vicinity using rental cars (no charge to you). If you will be commuting from a non-UCLA location, then you will need to provide your own transportation. We do not reimburse for gas or mileage. More information will become available closer to the start of the internship.

Please contact the Cal Teach staff at cateach@chem.ucla.edu  with any questions.


Locations of schools from summer 2013

Note that the teachers and schools participating in our summer program vary year by year. Not all schools have both math and science placements. The 2013 and 2019 maps are provided to show the range of geographic areas where we may have placements in any given year but does not represent the exact list of participating schools.


Location of Schools from Summer 2019: