Math Teaching Opportunities

The math focus of UCLA Cal Teach offers up to four years of courses, field experiences and professional networking opportunities for undergraduates interested in teaching secondary mathematics.




Math, science, and engineering students may explore teaching without any long-term commitment by taking lower-division 3 unit pass/no pass seminars (Math 73XP or Math 74XP) that provide hands-on experiences in local, elementary, middle, or high schools to decide if teaching math is for them. Open to all class levels: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. Our one-week intensive summer internship, offered the week prior to the beginning of Fall Quarter, provides an opportunity for continued exploration in high needs schools throughout the Los Angeles area.


Internship scheduling and other logistics for these two exploratory courses and the summer internship are administered by the Cal Teach office housed in 1039 Young Hall.




Upper division courses offered through the math department (Math 103 ABC, Math 105 ABC) provide a more in-depth examination of math pedagogy along with observations in middle and high school. These course are administered directly by the math department.




In their senior year, students who have made the decision to become a math secondary teacher have the opportunity to combine their undergraduate and graduate studies and accelerate the timeline to becoming a math teacher (Joint Math Education Program). This program is a collaboration between the UCLA Mathematics department and the UCLA Graduate School of Education. Consult the math department directly for more information, and to apply.


To learn more about UCLA Mathematics Undergraduate Teacher Preparation programs: Go to UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching website.