This scholarship program was funded by the National Science Foundation, and was designed for UCLA Science, Engineering and Mathematics undergraduate majors who are pursuing careers either 1) in secondary school teaching, or 2) who plan to teach in community college, a four-year college, or university, as part of an academic career. Funded 2013-2018. There is currently no more funding available for new applications to this program.

The scholarship provided up to $10,000 for the academic year, and was open to students who were in their junior or senior year.. Note that “junior” year refers to the second-to-last year before graduating, so a student would have two years left before graduating. “Senior” year refers to the final year as an undergraduate at UCLA.

Scholarship recipients must be US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, or other US Nationals and be eligible for financial aid as determined by the UCLA Financial Aid Office. Students must have submitted a FAFSA for the academic year, and have been determined to be eligible for financial aid. In addition, scholars must have a minimum of a 3.0 UCLA GPA at the time of application, and be on track to graduate within one or two years.

A graduate student mentor was assigned to each S-STEM scholar to help him or her understand the process of science research or math graduate-level work, and to provide career and academic advice.


To apply

Funding is no longer available for this Scholarship. Applications are no longer been accepted.

A full application included an online application, two letters of recommendation, and an unofficial transcript from UCLA.

One recommendation letter should be from an instructor or teacher from California Teach courses or other teaching-related experience that documents the applicant's potential as a teacher. The other letter should be from a science or mathematics instructor (either UCLA or Community College) documenting the applicant's potential as a STEM professional. 

Online application (closed) is to be submitted by deadline above.

The unofficial transcript should be emailed to by the deadline above.

Letters of recommendation should be emailed directly to by the deadline above.

*Misrepresenting your information on the application (e.g. your current major, current minor, current GPA, Cal Teach courses taken, current class standing, current expected graduation, etc) may result in dismissal from the program and rescinding the scholarship amount in its entirety.