I'm a first year student, is it too early to participate?
First year students are strongly encouraged to participate. The majority of students who enter our program are first year students.

I’m a transfer student, is it too late to participate?
Transfer students are welcome to participate. Depending on your time until graduation, there are several opportunities to participate.

I’m a senior, is it too late to participate?
Seniors are welcome into the program. There will be more limited options since you will only be on campus for one year.

I’m “considering” teaching but I’m not sure – if I participate in this program, is there an obligation to become a teacher?
No, there is no obligation to become a teacher if you participate in our program. We provide you the opportunity to explore Science and Math teaching so that you can make an informed decision about this potential future career. If you decide to pursue teaching, we provide individual advising, financial assistance to cover the necessary exams, and optional pre-professional development workshops.

How do I apply?
In the website categories, "Teach Science" and "Teach Math" you can explore the various programs. From those pages, please follow the directions provided for each course or program.

I don’t have a car, can I still get to the schools to complete the internship hours?
It is not necessary to have a car to get to the partner K-12 schools during the academic year. Our schools are located within close proximity to UCLA and are 
accessible by a single Big Blue Bus ride. (Our summer internship schools are further away, however -- see summer internship for more information.)

I’m not a math, science, or engineering major, can I still participate?
Most of the students who participate into our program are Science, Math and Engineering majors, however, it is not a rigid requirement. It is necessary that you be taking Science and/or Math classes at UCLA so that you have a strong theoretical background. The typical science and math general education classes are not adequate.

Do I get academic credit for participating in the UCLA Cal Teach seminars?
Yes, our seminars count for 2- or 3- units of Pass/No Pass credit (with the exception of Math 105 which is a 4-unit course, and Science Education 100 which is a 5-unit course.) You will sign up for the seminar on MyUCLA using a PTE number once accepted.

Do these units count toward the Unit Max?
The units count toward your quarterly Study List. However, the UCLA has exempted these 2-unit seminars (and the 5-unit Science Education 100) from your unit max. This action was taken so that all interested students could participate without having to be concerned about their Unit Max.

I’ve heard that teachers earn a very low salary. Is that true?
There are many misconceptions about teacher salaries. The salaries of teachers vary based on the district, the number of post-baccalaureate units you have earned, the number of years you have been teaching, as well as optional additional opportunities such as teaching summer
school. The entry level salary for a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District in 2008-09 with a preliminary credential is approximately $47,000. Additional information on salaries can be found under "Financial Resources"

Is UCLA Cal Teach a “credentialing program?”
No, the UCLA Cal Teach program is not a credential granting program. We will provide you the theoretical background on education as well 
as practical internships experiences so you are well prepared to apply for a credential program.

Note that the undegraduate credential pathways such as Science Teacher Education Program (STEP), Joint Mathematics Education Program (JMEP), or Integrated Pathway (Math) are collaborations with the UCLA Teacher Education Program, as part of the Graduate School of Education. In these programs, you would receive a credential directly from UCLA School of Education.

Where are you located?
The UCLA Cal Teach office is located in Young Hall, Rm. 1039. You are welcome to call us, 310.794.2191 or send us an email to schedule a meeting. Email: cateach@chem.ucla.edu

How can I find out more information?
We would be happy to meet with you one-on-one to further discuss your potential involvement in the program. Give us a call, 310.794.2191 or send us an email, cateach@chem.ucla.edu to schedule an appointment.